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New putumayo.com!Welcome to the New Putumayo.com!

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Colin Hay & Archie Roach on 774 ABC Melbourne

Colin Hay & Archie Roach on 774 ABC Melbourne

Colin Hay & Archie Roach on 774 ABC Melbourne

Click here to check out an interview and live performance featuring two artists from Putumayo's Australia release, Colin Hay and Archie Roach!

Putumayo Returns to Its Roots with Acoustic America and American Playground Releases

Broward Palm Beach New Times

Putumayo Returns
to its Roots

Putumayo CEO & Founder, Dan Storper touches on Acoustic America and American Playground. "It's nice to put together acoustic albums and celebrate the roots of what Putumayo came from.”

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  • Putumayo Presents - Celtic Cafe

    Celtic Café

    Celtic Café features exceptional Irish and Scottish singer-songwriters performing a blend of modern and traditional acoustic Celtic music.

  • Putumayo Presents: French Christmas

    French Christmas

    Putumayo’s French Christmas provides charming and joyful music from France and French Canada to accompany your holiday season.

  • Café del Mundo

    Café del Mundo

    Visit Café del Mundo, relax and discover exceptional singer-songwriters from around the globe.

  • Yoga Lounge

    Yoga Lounge

    A transportive musical journey weaving together world instruments, light electronica, ambient grooves and enchanting mantras to soothe body and spirit.